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This is a campaign to help supplement funding for the production of the pilot episode of “Rellik” being directed by Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager, iCarly, Star Trek Renegades) and being filmed in the Sacramento, CA area.

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Hot on the trail of a serial killer, a group of investigators face obstacles from their families, co-workers, and even each other, as the trail ultimately leads back to a familiar place.

Some Basics

  • Directed by Tim Russ (Star Trek, iCarly and numerous other credits).
  • Produced and cast by Toni Toni Staniewicz (
  • Stunt coordination by Gary Davis (Amazing Spider-Man, Terminator 2)
  • Story created by Jason F. Knittle, written and produced in partnership with Brian Jagger, Craig DeLuz and Gwen Conklin and co-produced by Rensa Group Productions.
  • Together we have joined forces to create “Rellik Productions.”
  • Your contributions will help us as we begin production in Sacramento, with the intent to distribute our original series on an alternate entertainment platform (Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, Crackle).  Our ultimate goal is that successful distribution will help bring more entertainment jobs to the region, including producing future episodes of our series.

What We Need & What You Get

As we move quickly into production, we are seeking additional funds.

  • Our current funding goal is $12,000.  This money will help us pay for our production costs, SAG actor wages, crew and gear, location fees, set equipment, post-production and more.

What’s It About

Synopsis – Who’s the hunter, and who’s the hunted? Lines quickly become blurred in this modern day ‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’ meets ‘Dexter’ crime thriller. A group of investigators, with inner demons of their own, hunt down a sadistic abuser of women and children. But this split-personality killer is magically elusive. And seems suspiciously familiar with police procedures, as well as the investigators’ personal lives.

The Impact

 This a SAG NEW MEDIA project.  Which means that Sacramento area actors and crew will have an opportunity to participate in a union level acting production being filmed locally.
  • This improves the Sacramento film community by bringing acting and crew jobs to our neighborhood.
  • After all is said and done, this project will involve over 50 actors and crew.
  • Join the Rellik team today and be a part of bringing this professional level production to life in Sacramento.