Emmy Award Winner Tim Russ to Direct Groundbreaking Crime Thriller “RELLIK” in Sacramento

Tim Russ Director
Tim Russ – Director

SACRAMENTO, CA – Actor/Director Tim Russ, best known for his role as “Tuvok” on all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager, will be at the helm as the director of Rellik, a revolutionary new crime thriller.

Rellik is an original series, following the lives of two detectives, as they pursue a serial killer…who seems just a little too familiar. David Nevin and Dante Valentino are the perfect partners, one calm and analytical, the other hot-headed and driven. But when a killer beings targeting women and children, ghosts from each of their pasts pull them apart. And when their Captain announces the case is being taken over by the FBI, they literally fight to stay on the case. What no one realizes is that finding this killer, may end both their careers…if not their lives.

Rellik is being produced as a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) New Media Project by Sacramento Area writers and producers. The pilot, and hopefully future episodes, will be filmed and produced in the Greater Sacramento Region and feature local talent from top to bottom.

Gary Davis Stunt Coordinator
Gary Davis – Stunt Coordinator

The team includes famed stuntman and stunt coordinator Gary Davis

, whose most recent projects include X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2. Serving as Casting Director will be Toni Staniewicz whose casting credits include network shows like I Almost Got Away With It and Wives With Knives.

Rellik producers are looking to cast local, Northern California actors and hire local crew. Casting calls can be found at http://tonistaniewiczcasting.com/.

Toni Staniewicz Casting Director
Toni Staniewicz -Casting Director

The producers are also working to raise additional funding for the project via IndieGoGo .

For more information or to follow Rellik’s progress go to RELLIKtheseries.com or on Facebook at FaceBook.com/RELLIKwebseries

For additional media information, please email relliktheseries@gmail.com